Professor Antoni Janusz Pastwa
Studio of Sculpture Years 2–5


A series of large screens, arranged one after the other, each made of a frame with
several layers of transparent film, slightly changing in form, stretched over it.
Together they create an unusually clean, even sterile, illusion of space resembling
colonnades in ancient architecture. The author uses a simple, contemporary language
of art. An important element of the work is also the path the viewer has to take in order
to see it. It is a string of dark, dirty, shabby rooms in an old garage. The degree piece
may apparently close them but, in fact, it OPENS THEM UP to reveal another
aesthetic reality, along with other possible realities. It is a reflective project,
making an impact on the viewer.

B. 1986, studied at the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
(2005–2011). The artist is active in the fields of sculpture and installation.