Dolce Design – design of temporary
exhibition for Italian furniture

Professor Henryka Noskiewicz-Gałązka
Studio of Exhibition Design


I note with satisfaction the fact that two degree pieces completed in the Studio
of Exhibition Design are once again representing the Faculty of Interior Design
at the exhibition of the best degree pieces executed at the Academy
in academic year 2010/11.

Recognising the total independence of both designers in decision making – both
regarding the selection of subject and the most important decision in the field
of design – I only wish to share some reflections.

Both works belong to the classical stream of exhibiting, relating to the given subject
with due respect, limiting artistic activities to provide a coherent whole, creating
an atmosphere of dialogue between substantive assumptions included in the auteur
scenario, the proposed system of architectural and artistic elements, exhibited content
and works of art, and potential recipients of the implemented work.

For Agata Kokoszka, during the development of the Dolce Design exhibition,
the essence was a reflection on the phenomenon of Italian art of design.
For the purpose of the exhibition the author consciously limited the substantive
content to a presentation of works by artists associated with the Zanotta company.
In a consistently carried out visual concept, the designer skilfully combines
the atmosphere of particular parts of the exhibition, accurately selecting
the appropriate artistic means of expression and materials.

I am confident that holding the exhibition would mark an important event
in the field of exhibiting.

B. 1986, studied at the Faculty of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
(2005-2011). She won a scholarship from Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz
in Basel (Switzerland). Agata designs residential and commercial interiors.
She won the “Design in Stone” competition for the ABC project, 2010.
She publishes in Art & Business magazine.

T: +48 691 727 522