Dominika Woźnicka
Dominika Woźnicka

Design of Selected Interiors
in the Museum of Praga in Warsaw,
50/52 Targowa Street

Professor Przemysław Krajewski
Studio of Interior Design


The increasingly common search for authentic values, such as naturalness,
authenticity, originality, has directed the interest of young designers towards
the architecture found on the right-bank of the river in Warsaw. There they can
discover a world of old streets and houses with mysterious courtyards, a world
of little shops and craft businesses, which still exist there. These places are often
sources of unusual creative inspiration.

Dominika Woźnicka has gradually been absorbing the atmosphere of Praga,
and her degree piece resulted from a genuine fascination with the district.
The author based her study on the current programme of renovation and expansion
of the unique architectural heritage of Praga, a heritage dating back to the first half
of the nineteenth century. The project is intended for the premises of the Museum
of Praga.

The designer’s artistic efforts focused primarily on creating the proper atmosphere
for the emerging exhibition space. The primary objective of her clear and strong
vision was minimal interference with the structure of existing buildings. Preserved
historic architecture was complemented by and harmoniously integrated with
contemporary facilities. This is especially evident in passageways, such as
the entrance hall and staircase. Dominika Woźnicka boldly introduces new forms
into the interior, in the box office and cloakrooms, and skilful use of matt,
light-permeable partitions gives them a lightness.

The author devoted much attention to the disabled – they will have full access
to the entire exhibition space. Another great asset of this project is the design
documentation: drawings, models, photographs. Dominika Woźnicka’s degree
piece was awarded a very high grade, with honours.


B. 1986, studied at the Faculty of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
(2005–2011), graduating with honours. She has been working as an interior
designer since 2009.

T: +48 505 140 794