Ernest Ziemianowicz
Ernest Ziemianowicz

Inside, Outside

Professor Andrzej Węcławski
Studio of Printmaking


Ernest Ziemianowicz’s degree piece Inside, Outside in many respects is a unique
venture. It is a multimedia installation. The author combined elements of digital
printing, animation, film frames and sound, expanding the concept and mode
of presenting graphic art. A comprehensive implementation resulted; the viewer
may follow the presented story on many planes at the same time. The graphics
come to life, fragments of film appear, the whole radiates with unusual light.
The installation creates the atmosphere of a philosophical parable. The constant
struggle for dominance takes place in different areas. The inside is confronted with
the outside. The intensity of transmission, multiplicity of overlapping images
and sounds creates various possibilities for interpretation.

Ernest Ziemianowicz is one of those graphic artists who boldly use new means
of expression, take a risk, go beyond the established conventions. We need
to emphasise the author’s extensive knowledge of and proficiency in the use
of contemporary graphic means, augmented by skilful use of multimedia.

Ernest Ziemianowicz’s degree piece is a summary of his earlier implementations
at the Studio No. 6 which were award-winning and presented at important exhibitions.
The resulting installation in a sublime way combines various forms of narration
and means of expression. Ernest Ziemianowicz is a mature and perceptive creator.
It is worth following his future undertakings.

My sincere congratulations. A great degree piece.

B. 1986, studied at the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
(2005–2011), rector's prize. He works in graphic design, music and multimedia.

T: +48 505 890 568