Ewelina Trzeciecka
Ewelina Trzeciecka


Professor Andrzej Węcławski
Studio of Printmaking


For centuries marketplaces, markets and bazaars have stimulated the development
of civilisation. They have been places for trading, meeting and exchanging goods
and ideas. Ewelina Trzeciecka’s degree piece entitled Marketplace refers to these
meanings. The source of inspiration for her project were contemporary marketplaces
which – like the notorious Jarmark Europa market held at the 10th-Anniversary
Stadium in Warsaw – have played an important role in transforming our reality.
Such places have a particular aesthetics of temporality. They were constructed
from various materials, they have been saturated with many different kinds of matter.

The works in the series being presented are square-shaped, which is a reference
to the shape of bazaar stalls. The graphics are multilayered and have been executed
in various digital printing techniques. The first layer was printed on paper,
the following on interfacing, and the assembled whole is presented on an extruded
polystyrene base. It should be pointed out that the choice of material used was
appropriate to the content. The author managed to present the selected subject
in an artistically interesting form. There is no impudence and literalness,
no reporter-like zest for an interesting subject. Ewelina Trzeciecka uses photography
as a raw material for graphic works which, due to their multiple layers and penetration,
gain a new graphic form. The projects, the objects presented, provoke the viewer
into unveiling the pictures covered with interfacing. Ewelina Trzeciecka neither
comments on nor assesses the presented world. She is a spectator but also
the creator and author of the story. She aptly selects the frames, differentiates
materials, juxtaposes particular layers of the pictures. In these actions we witness
a passion, an ability to observe and construct a narrative through an image. 
The resulting work is highly consistent and deliberate.

B. 1983, studied at the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

T: +48 603 061 650