Izabela Michalska
Izabela Michalska

Leucistic indian peafowl

Professor Janusz Fogler
Studio of Publishing Photography
and Photographic Reportage


Leucistic indian peafowl – the subject matter and at the same time the title
of Izabela Michalska’s degree piece is slightly provocative but finds justification
in a film constructed of consistently arranged photographic frames. Leucism
is caused by reduction in all types of skin pigment, which results in complete
absence of colours. The film is also virtually colourless, textures are selected
so that the frame is constantly dominated by whiteness. Everything happens
in a sterile environment, supposed to highlight another important topic of the work:
small, often unnoticed everyday happenings, nevertheless full of poetry.

The film refers to the idea of ubiquitous energy. Right from the beginning,
the movement is accompanied by a movement of white cords which are
an allegory for both Qi and synchronicity. The inside is inextricably linked with
the outside – although we are separate entities, our thoughts and internal states
have a direct impact on the outside world. We have the ability to create our lives
and our environment.

B. 1987, studied at the Faculty of Media Art and Stage Design of the Academy
of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2006-2011). Her creative output stretches from photography,
video-art, sculpture, and street art to animation and graphic techniques.