Maja Kitajewska
Maja Kitajewska


Professor Wiesław Szamborski
Studio of Painting


Maja Kitajewska lives for art and her knowledge of it reflects this. During her course
she deepened this knowledge and honed her practical skills. She is extremely
hardworking and able to work effectively. Her works are excellent, stirring.
She has perfectly mastered the so-called traditional painting techniques and methods.

Her restless spirit tells her to transgress accepted borders. She constantly looks for
new possibilities – and finds them. She creates her own world, often drawing from
tradition. She watches closely, is sensitive to the influence of the surrounding world.
She is interested in and inspired by both fine and popular art. In her own, creative way
she uses traditional means of painting, and her ingenuity allows her to find new
possibilities. This is true not only in relation to technique. Here, she is a perfectionist.
She incorporates sequin embroidery or confectionery techniques into painting.
With oil paint and various materials she creates paintings–objects. During the more
tedious work she is able to tame her spirit and spontaneity.

She creates paintings on a plane and paintings which go into space. Often they are
kinetic, the way they are perceived depends on the position of the viewer. They need
to be seen in their original versions, as they cannot be reproduced in media.

The world pleases, puzzles, disturbs her. She admired the pursuit of happiness,
a world without shadow. Humour and wit, however, let her keep a distance.
She often changes gravity into a joke. She is familiar with irony. Maja Kitajewska’s art
is novel and contemporary, modern. It deserves attention and recognition – I wish her
this with all my heart.

B. 1986, studied at the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
(2005–2011). She works in painting, artistic textiles and drawing.