Małgorzata Brecht
Małgorzata Brecht

Design of the Polish Folk Art Exhibition
The Hens Are Crowing

Professor Henryka Noskiewicz-Gałązka
Studio of Exhibition Design


THE HENS ARE CROWING – is the title of an exhibition proposed by Małgorzata Brecht,
the main goal of which is to promote Polish folk art, clearly “assigned” to exhibiting
activity of ethnographic museums.

The bold decision to locate the folk art exhibition in one of the Zachęta gallery rooms
was the right choice, forcing us to ask the question: WHY NOT?! – of course only
provided the exhibition scenario is authored by Małgorzata Brecht. 

The exhibits selected by Małgorzata on the one hand testify to their undeniable
artistic value, and on the other “extract” and highlight the different atmospheres
of the four seasons: the Hutsul ceramics create a mood of autumn, wonderfully
delicate, the snow-white bobbin lace from Bobowa reminds one of frosted panes
in rustic houses, spring is brought to mind by the beauty, delicacy and charm
of the jewellery from Cieszyn, and the meticulously crafted colourful Łowicz
paper-cuts bring to mind the atmosphere of summer.

I would very much like to be invited to the opening of this exhibition.

The question of the artistic value of the utilitarian objects selected by Agata
and Małgorzata is simply a matter of the artistic consciousness
of the modern audience.

B. 1987, studied at the Faculty of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
(2005–2011). In addition to developing interiors, she is interested in graphic arts
and advertising. She publishes articles in the field of design on

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