And they are off! The artificial horse runs!

Professor Włodzimierz Szymański
Studio of Alternative Imaging Techniques


Marta Kopyt’s degree piece is an implementation of a public space project in Warsaw,
at the Tor Służewiecki racecourse. The artist organised the setting of a new racecourse
record by an artificial horse, the first such event in the history of horse racing.

Script of the event:
Plan of setting the record, 11 June 2011, after the last race of living horses.

Presentation of the horse in the paddock:
– one lap of the paddock led by strongman. At the same time a lottery takes place,
people put their bets on the result nearest the racecourse record.

They Are Off!
The horse is transferred to the main track, enters the starting gate and it is offff!,
the commentator provides a commentary, the fans cheer, the record is broken;

Result officially announced: 17, 34 seconds.
The horse returns to paddock where the jockey gets the cup and the owner
of the horse gets flowers.

The objectives set out in the script were fully achieved, the happening cast
a different light on the formula and tradition of Służewiec horseracing.
The artist used humour, and more importantly, the audience were watching
it with amusement.

Marta Kopyt’s The questioning of the myth of the place was perfectly staged
and deserves recognition. 

The scale of the event, the visualisation, posters, T-shirts, banners, leaflets,
the image of the horse and jockey and documentary film material confirm
the outstanding level of this degree piece. Congratulations!

B. 1983, studied at the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Warsaw (BA),
the Faculty of Media Art and Stage Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
(2007–2011) and the College of Education (2009-2011).

T: +48 603 121 353