Paulina Buźniak
Paulina Buźniak


Professor Błażej Ostoja Lniski
Studio of Lithography


About whom, about what are [O]BŁĘDY?

Can we even pose a question formulated in this way?

Maybe it would be better to ask – who, what are they?

Extraordinary variations on an ordinary madness?

OBłędna OBserwatorka OBnażyła OBlicze OBrębiając OBustronnie OByczajowy
OBrazek. OBdarowawszy OBecnych OBsceniczną OBietnicą OBwieściła OBronę.
[The mad observer exposed her face while creating a hem for both sides of a portrait
of manners. Having blessed the present with an obscene promise, she announced
her diploma examination.]

When we stand before the mirror, inevitably we have to deal with our own selves
and such a confrontation never ends. Unconditionally we come face to face with
the problem and the riddle – the one we pose to ourselves. And every day
the same tedious ritual takes place, a kind of resuscitation.

Mouth-to-mouth. Mouth-to-nose.

Not always hygienic, not always predictable. Undressed. Nude.

[O]BŁĘDY – a mad attempt to leave a mark behind. But also a kind of stamp
which is left behind or imprinted by each day. Hence the wonder of a pillow
which adjusts to the shape of a face but at the same time leaves its marks
on the face.

[O]BŁĘDY – multiple variations of “I”, attempts to grasp things at varying angles,
in a different light.

[O]BŁĘDY – fragmented reality sewn from the same elements, a kind of multiplication
but never an ordinary replication.

Clothes-masks – sewn and printed by Paulina herself, present a multiplied alter ego
of the artist, different faces of one person, multiplicity of moods, whims and
ready-made templates which perfectly replace a real face or can be identified with it.

It only remains to wish the author an unchanging lightness of needle. And a broad
smile on such a graceful, authentic face.


B. 1986, studied at the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
(2006–2011), rector's prize. She received a scholarship from the Minister of Culture
and National Heritage in the academic year 2010/2011 for outstanding
learning achievement.

T: +48 793 533 311