Zbigniew Szczerbetka
Zbigniew Szczerbetka


Professor Grzegorz Kowalski
Studio of Audiovisual Space


The eponymous Models treat their bodies and looks as a ticket to career and life
advancement. The author made an agreement with them: in return for photographs,
he might keep the materials from the photo shoot. This allowed him to create
an interesting study of the behaviour and consciousness of the protagonists.

The exhibition has an unusual structure, consisting of three independent narratives.
The life-size photographs of the models dominate but the viewer may also listen
to their comments (without linking them to the people in the pictures). They say
what motivates them, what they want and what their experiences in fashion and
advertising have been like. The third narrative is an objective film recording
of the photo shoot, virtually wordless, rhytmicised by the sound of the shutter button.

B. 1971, studied at the Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics
of Warsaw University of Technology and at the Faculty of Media Art and Stage Design
of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Solo exhibition I have a soul therefore
I am free
, Nizio Gallery, Warsaw, 2010.