Zuzanna Ziółkowska
Zuzanna Ziółkowska


Professor Leon Tarasewicz
Studio of Painting


When they come and rob your house. When they take your memory away and you
cannot – like any other girl – talk to your grandpa in a mysterious tongue in order
to understand your past. When you constantly try to glue the scraps of your own life
story into one whole and the surrounding reality constantly offers you surrogate
feelings, it is reason enough to plunge your hands into fluorescent paint and scream
in the corner of a studio. To scream! In a quiet voice, a voice that disagrees with reality,
and to introduce a chemical process of feelings, enabling an organic mixing of colours
pouring into another layer on the canvas.

However, the frozen moments of a life history are still full of anxiety, the more so since
every day the bankrupts of painting conduct a kangaroo court over what you do,
in a collective chuckle of scoffers.

In the official limelight of life the painters mock painting, push you away from them,
and yet, you still want to be a painter.

You do not even feel the pain anymore, like a moth to the flame, aware that you will
burn in the sound of the scoffers chuckling. And perhaps because you got used
to this pain, you do not hear them anymore and you can carry on painting because
you simply need it.

Unlike them, you have a reason to paint, to compose words of colours, and not colours
for colours, and to scream again in a quiet scream that you are there!

You simply are!

Studied at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw (MA in Journalism),
the Faculty of Graphics and Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź
(BFA, 2003–2007) and the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts
in Warsaw (2007–2011).

T: +48 796 058 628